Sunday, February 21, 2010

Josh Hutcherson Blue Boxer Briefs Picture Wow, Some Big Dirt On JOSH HUTCHERSON!!!!!?

Wow, some big dirt on JOSH HUTCHERSON!!!!!? - josh hutcherson blue boxer briefs picture

Ok, so I found a picture of the child actor Josh Hutcherson, in my opinion seem to threaten to. Well, Josh table lay in bed, wearing only blue boxer shorts, in other words, he is half naked. I do not really care, but what do the mainstream media would do with this image. Just think of what to say, the tabloid press. Well, I do not know what to do, I'll send the image to TMZ for cash or part of some shelves have. I know that many fans would like to see the picture. Oh, and believe me, is not altered, edited, or anyway in Photoshop. It is 100% legitimate. My question is: What should I do?


Jen :) said...

get money for it! completely, because if he was stupid enough to be the shot that it deserves. In addition, he is a celebrity, and celebrities. Courtship. make a quick buck off him.

sunshine said...

It is their own affair, not a naked child is all the guys are boxers and hteir topless. Do not send TMZ, because it makes no sense. Leave him alone.

m σ я g α η ❀ ☮ said...

If you really want, as a small rat that someone will look bad, just to get money, you will be tempted to known.

MeL 's MiLeY & JoBrOs! said...

The media would do nothing. is also not very popular. Well, not me. I do not see the people crazy about him.

orrrrrange ♥s Becks & Wicked! ;] said...

Do you have a link

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